Savaria Home Elevators

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We offer four different types of home elevators, three of these require a traditional hoistway for the elevator to travel up and down. Our Telecab model does not require a hoistway, but travels through a cut-out in the floor. The commercial product, Orion can also be installed in a private residence.

Infinity Luxury Home Elevator: A traditional hydraulic drive system that makes for the smoothest ride possible. More> 

Eclipse Home Elevator: A machine roomless elevator that can save space in the home and time for the installation. More>

Telecab Home Elevator: An innovative elevator solution that works between two floors through a cut-out in the floor, rather than a hoistway. More>

Orion Elevator:  Designed as a commercial elevator for limited use/limited access, the Orion can also be installed in the home and offers options such as automatic sliding doors. More>

 Savaria Home Elevators video   See our Home Elevator video>

How do you choose?

  • If you need an elevator that travels between only 2 floors and you have construction or budget limitations, consider the Telecab.  
  • If you want a more traditional style elevator in your home that travels through an enclosed hoistway, choose the Infinity or Eclipse.
  • If you want the ultimate smooth ride, choose the Infinity for a hydraulic system
  • If you need extra weight capacity, the Infinity can be ordered to handle up to 1400 lb (635 kg).
  • If you have space concerns to house the drive mechanism, the Eclipse is machine roomless.
  • The Eclipse and Infinity offer the same extensive range of options for finishing the interior.

Your local dealer can be a great resource to help you choose the best solution for your needs. They will take into consideration all of your needs, constraints and home construction parameters. Contact us to find your closest dealer.

Information To Consider

Here are some things to think about to help choose the right solution:

Travel distance:  How far will your home elevator travel (in inches or centimeters)?

Stops:  How many stops do you need?  An elevator starts with 2 stops, but you can add up to 6 depending on the model and travel distance required.

Construction Requirements: The Eclipse and Infinity elevators require hoistway construction, a pit below the elevator and overhead space above the top landing.  Pit depths vary from 6” to 14”, while overhead space – which is measured from the floor of the top landing to the ceiling – varies from 92” to 112”. The Infinity elevator requires space for machine room (usually in the basement or attic) to house the drive system. The Eclipse elevator is machine roomless, so there is no requirement for a special room to house the mechanical components. The Telecab requires no pit or hoistway for two stops.

Type:  You will see the term Type listed with our home elevators. Type refers to the configuration for the entry and exit doors. This will be an important decision to construct your elevator in our factory.

Type 1: There is 1 door for entry/exit in the traditional front position (90° from the wall along which the elevator travels).

Type 2: There are 2 doors located opposite each other (straight through access)

Type 3: There are 2 doors located 90° from each other.

Type 4: Similar to Type 3, but doors are located in a different position in the car.

Type 5: Similar to Type 1, but the door is located opposite to the wall along which the elevator travels.


Options: Savaria home elevators offer many different options to fit your needs. You will want to determine the interior size of your elevator cab from our list of options, choose the type of doors you want (manual gate, automatic door or even 2-speed metal doors).  You can also choose the interior finishes including hardwood, veneer or melamine. Savaria can also provide further customization and working with your local dealer, we can find the right solution for you.  We will even build an elevator so that the interior can be finished onsite if you prefer. Our product pages explain the options available for each model.  

Who Can Install and Service An Elevator?

Installation: A home elevator is a complex device to install and must be installed by a certified elevator installer. Savaria has carefully selected its dealers and provides training and technical support for them to ensure a high standard of expertise. Therefore, only an authorized Savaria dealer can install a Savaria elevator.  

Please be aware that elevators are subject to national, state (provincial) and local code requirements. Only your local dealer can ensure code compliance so it is important to work with a local dealer very early in your project to make sure your installation is a seamless process.  

Service: Your Savaria home elevator comes with a 3-year warranty for parts. An elevator is similar to a car or a furnace and should be serviced regularly to ensure it remains in good working order. Most dealers offer service contracts to make it easier to maintain your maintenance schedule. When you purchase your elevator, the warranty is provided through the dealer. Should anything go wrong with your elevator, you will need to contact your original dealer who is familiar with the exact specifications of your installation.