Choosing Products

Multilift Installation


Where do you start? How do you know what's right for your needs?  Your local Savaria dealer is a great resource to help you choose the right product for your needs. That's because choosing an elevator or a lift requires a good understanding of the environment where the product will be installed.


Here are things to consider when talking to your local dealer:


Installation Requirements: Some accessibility products require only minor modifications to your home, while others require considerable space and complex installation methods. Some products can be disassembled fairly easily and taken with you if you decide to move, while others require permanent mounting and generally stay with the premises.  

Maintenance and Repair: It's important to regularly maintain your accessibility equipment so it keeps running smoothly and safely. Ask what the maintenance requirements are for products you are considering and find out what the company offers in terms of service and repair programs.  

Price: Accessibility products are available in a wide range of prices to suit most budgets. Some devices may be eligible for government subsidies or tax breaks. Look to your representative to propose solutions that are cost-effective while fully addressing your needs.  

Standard and Optional Equipment: Most products are designed with standard features that permit comfortable, conventional, yet basic use. Optional features that enhance the users' experience are often available. These can include additional safety features, remote controls, upgraded access configurations, up-sized capacities and cab preferences. Find out which features are offered with your product and choose upgrades that address your individual needs.

Available Finishes: A harmonizing, decor-matching installation is important to many property owners. Some products are available in a limited variety of finishes, while others offer hundreds of combinations that can be fully customized to match your interior or surroundings.  

Regulatory Compliance: In many cases, commercial applications for accessibility products must meet local or national accessibility standards. If you live in the United States and you're an architect, builder, project manager or other professional involved in providing building access to the physically impaired, you need to make sure the products you acquire are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Safety: Safety is paramount when it comes to the design and use of accessibility equipment. Find out about the standard safety features of equipment you are considering and see what optional features might be required in order to meet local regulations or special needs.  

Guarantee/Warranty: All manufacturers offer a guarantee, but all warranties are not created equal. Some manufacturers offer longer warranties than others, while some may restrict their warranty to only certain parts. Long term dependability coupled with a strong warranty are important issues to consider.

Power and Charging:  Savaria stair lifts feature constant charging systems to ensure that your stair lift can function in the event of a power failure. Some systems use a charging station so your chair must be in the station to receive a charge. This can mean that your stair lift won't always be charging and may not run when you really need it.

Performance: No user likes traveling on a product that lacks comfort or smooth operation. Ask about your product's performance in terms of stability, speed, durability and reliability.