Recently Discontinued Products


Savaria continuously looks to improve products and from time to time, products are replaced by new designs that offer our customers more benefits.  


The following products are the most recently discontinued:

ES-125 - replaced by Delta

B.07 - replaced by SL-1000

PAL - replaced by V-1504

Step-Saver - replaced by SL-1000

S64 - replaced by Delta

C65 - replaced by Omega


Other non-current products include: Concord Liberty stairlift, Concord Kwiklift elevator, Concord Horizon elevator, Concord Versalift, Concord IPL, Concord Hampton elevator.


If you are looking for documents please visit our dealer site, Discontinued Products section.


If you require service on a discontinued product, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product. If for any reason that is not possible, please contact us for an authorized service dealer at 1.800.661.5112.


Please note that Savaria parts are available only through authorized Savaria dealers. Please contact your local Savaria dealer for service or parts. To locate an authorized dealer, call us or use our email form.


To download a copy of our warranty policy, see our Service and Support page.