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The Bourassa Savaria Foundation

The Bourassa Savaria Foundation (CRA #84814 0570) was created in 2014 to support people facing mobility challenges. It was founded by Marcel Bourassa, Executive Chairman of Savaria Corporation. Mr. Bourassa contributes personally to the Foundation and Savaria Corporation also contributes to the Foundation.

Bourassa Savaria Foundation

There are thousands of Canadians facing the day-to-day challenge of basic mobility due to disease, aging or injury. Enjoying the freedom to travel, work or participate in sport is made more difficult for people in wheelchairs. The Bourassa Savaria Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to in-need Canadians with disabilities related to physical mobility.

Apply for funding

To apply for funding or product donation assistance, please apply online. The Foundation has guidelines for eligibility as follows:

  • The Foundation donates to registered Canadian charities and registered not-for-profit organizations that support mobility challenged families and individuals. We do not provide funding directly to individuals and will not consider applications from individuals. 
  • The Foundation supports organizations that help children and their families, as well as adults specifically facing mobility challenges. 
  • We do not provide assistance to political parties or religious organizations and programs that exclude others by race or religious beliefs.
  • The Foundation reviews and evaluates all online applications at regular intervals. We cannot respond to telephone, email, mail or fax inquiries. If your application is accepted, you will be notified by email. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your application to be reviewed. 

Please use the form below to apply for funding.


Past support


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