Savaria Ceiling Lift in use

Patient Care

Patient care products from Savaria include ceiling lifts and track systems, patient slings, pressure management products and surfaces, and medical beds.

In 2016, Savaria introduced its ceiling lift products after a substantial R&D project. The company hired a team of industry experts to design and build an innovative product line that provided a myriad of user benefits including more lift cycles on one battery charge, faster lifting times and a better clip system to improve the safe attachment of the patient sling to the lifter.

As the population ages, more people will require the use of ceiling lifts which safely move people from bed to wheelchair, to the bathroom or other rooms. In long term care facilities, retirement homes or hospitals, ceiling lifts also help prevent caregiver injuries by eliminating manual lifting of patients. In a homecare setting, a ceiling lift can offer rehab at home for short term use, or the opportunity to stay in the home longer.

Today, Savaria ceiling lift products include a full range of track configurations, compatibility with other manufacturer’s track systems and ongoing new product development.

In 2017, Span America (“Span”) was acquired by Savaria Corporation. Span is dedicated to patient care products with an expansive portfolio of pressure management and patient positioning products, as well as medical beds well suited for the long-term market.Span products are sold through dealers and distributors in North America and Australia. Span has a manufacturing facility in Greenville, South Carolina and Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.

In 2019, Savaria acquired Silvalea, a well-regarded manufacturer of patient slings based in Newton Abbott, UK. With a catalog of over 800 sling designs, Silvalea can accommodate a vast range of patient conditions, mobility limitations, sizing and type of lift being used. Leading edge fabric technology and patented attachment designs are hallmarks of Silvalea’s product design.

Savaria acquired Handicare in 2021, including their patient care products. The Handicare ceiling lifts, transfer aids and slings complement and complete the portfolio for the Savaria patient care division. 

Altogether, Savaria and Handicare ceiling lifts, Span beds and surfaces and Silvalea patient slings provide an outstanding, science-based offering of safe patient care products for both home care and healthcare facility applications.

To find out more about products, or where to buy these products, please visit the Patient Care website.

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