Design Your Own Elevator Cab

Your Savaria home elevator can be created just for you. Choose from a selection of hardwood, wood veneer, luxury MDF or standard melamine walls for the elevator cab. Complement with your choice of metal fixtures for the handrail, cab operating panel (COP), light fixtures and hall call buttons. You may also choose the finish for your cab gates or doors, including automatic sliding (auto slim) doors in a variety of finishes and colors. The Savaria home elevator configurator approximates the look of your choices for the Savaria Eclipse and Infinity models.

Due to the nature of computer renderings, colors and finishes are approximate. Consult your authorized Savaria dealer to view samples of actual materials and request a quote for the precise fixtures and finishes you want on your home elevator.

Cab details

Your home elevator includes a choice of melamine wall finishes, unfinished MDF or plywood (standard). Upgrade choices include luxury MDF, raised hardwood panels, or unfinished flat veneer. The ceiling is supplied white, but optionally can be provided in the same material as the cab walls.

Fixtures details

Included with your home elevator is a metal fixture package with cab operating panel, LED ceiling lights, handrail and hall call stations. Standard metals are clear anodized aluminum, bronze anodized aluminum and architectural white powder coat. Upgrade to stainless steel, blackened stainless steel or brass. You can also upgrade to a hall call with floor position indicator.

Hall call with floor indicator, oval and rectangular

Optional touch screen panel

Add an optional touch screen as your cab operating panel in the metal fixture rather than standard physical buttons. Customize landing names for your home. Swipe to change to different animated screen themes. Emergency stop button and phone keypad remain integrated with the metal fixture panel.

Gate details

All home elevators must include a gate attached to the cab for safe travel. Choose from several gate styles including accordion gates (with hard hinges for safety), bi-folding gates, or automatic slim gates. Automatic slim doors can also be ordered for each landing. If you select accordion or bi-fold gates, your home elevator installer will need to make sure that the landing doors are installed not to exceed the maximum distance from the elevator cab. Landing doors must also be solid core. Ask about the Savaria Luxury Flush Door: a fully code-compliant, safe and beautiful landing door for our Eclipse, Infinity and Zenith home elevators.

Accordion gate (in perforated bronze)

Bifold gate (stainless steel)

Auto slim landing door (stainless steel)

Auto slim landing door (framed glass)

Luxury flush door (solid core)

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Finish & Color

Luxury & routed MDF
Raised hardwood
Unfinished veneer
Standard melamine

Metal Fixtures

Standard finishes
Upgraded finishes
Standard finishes with optional touch screen panel
Upgraded finishes with optional touch screen panel

Gate Material

Accordion gates
Bifold gates [inside view]
Auto slim gates and doors
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IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Savaria residential elevators