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If your Savaria product is not working properly, contact the dealer who installed your product for service.


If your product is still under warranty, only the dealer who sold the original product can service your product. If you require service and your product is no longer under warranty, contact the dealer where you purchased your product or please contact us for information about dealers who can provide service in your area.


Due to the technical nature of our products and safety concerns, we only provide technical support to authorized Savaria dealers. Savaria sells parts to authorized Savaria dealers only.


If you need an Owner's Manual for a current product, see the appropriate product page and click the Documents section to download the PDF version of the Owner's Manual. Installation manuals and other technical documents are available to authorized Savaria dealers only. 

Savaria Warranty
Download a copy of the warranty policy for Savaria products:
Warranty - North America

Warranty - Outside North America

Please note that most products are covered by a 36 month parts warranty.


For Older Products
If you are looking for service on a non-current Savaria product or need an Owner's Manual, please contact us at 1.855.728.2742.

Non-current products include: Concord Liberty stairlift, Concord Kwiklift elevator, Concord Horizon elevator, Concord Versalift, Concord IPL, Concord Hampton elevator, P.A.L. VPL, ES-125 IPL, S64 and C65 IPL, B.07, SL-1000 stairlift and M2 vertical platform lift.

Dealer Support
If you are an authorized Savaria dealer requiring technical support:
Dealer-only Technical Support: 1.800.791.7999 
(8am - 6pm ET, Mon - Fri)

IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Savaria residential elevators