Wheelchair Lifts

Multilift VPL

The Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel, inside or outside your home or in certain public spaces.


V-1504 VPL

The V-1504 lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels.


Prolift VPL

The Prolift vertical platform lift is a smooth, quiet and efficient operation lift that can be installed in an existing or new structure.


Delta IPL

Savaria Delta IPL

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift can be used in the home or for commercial applications to provide access over a single flight of straight stairs.


Omega IPL

The Savaria Omega inclined platform lift handles inside and outside curved stairs, multiple levels and spiral stairs. Ideal for access over stairs in commercial settings.


IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Savaria residential elevators