Savaria Home Elevators

Savaria Vuelift


The Vuelift Round elevator is an elegant way to achieve peace of mind without compromising style. Graceful curves and a fully integrated design make it a beautiful addition to the architecture of any home. The Vuelift Octagonal elevator is a masterpiece of art and engineering. Maximize existing space with a clear octagonal prism-shaped hoistway and cab that offers panoramic views of your home.The Eclipse is a smooth riding elevator that doesn’t require a separate machine room so it takes less space in the home and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic elevators.




The Infinity luxury elevator is the ultimate smooth, quiet ride thanks to its precision hydraulic drive system.The Savaria Gearless home elevator is for those who appreciate the very best. Gearless traction technology provides a whisper quiet ride that glides smoothly from start to finish.The Automatic Slim Doors
slide open and closed for easy
access adding convenience
and an elegant, modern 
appearance to your Savaria
home elevator.

 Savaria Telecab 17  

 Savaria Telecab 

Space-saving, stylish and affordable elevator for your home. The Telecab17 travels through a simple floor cutout leaving you more space.One of the easiest and quickest ways to add an elevator to your home is with the Savaria Telecab home elevator. 

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