Omega  Inclined Platform Lift

  • Custom built to provide access over stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings
  • Carries a passenger in a wheelchair or seated passenger; capacity of 660 lb (USA only) or 550 lb
  • Power foldaway platform available in 2 sizes; ADA-compliant version includes fold-out seat and audio-visual movement alarm
  • Motor is unobtrusively installed at the top landing, with the controller located remotely keeping the visible components to a minimum
  • For residential and commercial use (where code permits); indoor and outdoor applications (moderate climates only)
  • For projects with straight stairs, see the Delta IPL

The nuts and bolts


Minimal construction required: Provides access without significant renovations.
Flexible for many types of installations: Custom built to your specifications to fit staircases with inside and outside curves, spiral stairs or multiple levels.
Space-saving design: Sleek design with a foldaway and optional out-of-the-way parking that harmonizes with any building design.
Machine roomless: Motor is unobtrusively installed at the top landing, with the controller located remotely keeping the visible components to a minimum.
Other standard features: Constant pressure buttons to move the lift up and down, pedestrian warning light and movement alarm, straight through platform, power folding platform, pendant control, fold-down seat with 330 lb (150 kg) capacity.
Standard finish options: Light gray.
ADA-compliant platform: ideal for public accessibility requirements.
Safety features: Sensor system on the platform, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, overspeed governor, manual lowering device, power folding safety arms, keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button.
Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details here.


Optional configurations: Vertical bend, steep start, 90 degree turn (inside curve, outside curve), 180 degree turn (inside curve) and special bends
Standard platform size: W30.5" x L49.2" (775 x 1250 mm), W28.3" x L35.4" (720 x 900 mm)
Other options: Stabilizer for any travel under 20 degrees


Applications: Commercial, residential, indoor, outdoor*
Stair types: Multiple levels of straight stairs,stairs with intermediate landings, stairs with turns
Capacity: 550 lbs (250 kg) Canada, 660 lbs (300 kg) USA
Speed: 12 ft/min (0.06 m/s)
Maximum travel: 164' (50 m)
Motor: 1 hp (0.75 kW), 3hp (2.2 kW) over 30 m
Gradient: Changing, with or without landings and turns, up to 55˚ (residential) or up to 45˚ (commercial)
Power supply: 240 volts
* For outdoor applications, consult your local Savaria dealer as not all climates may be suitable for outdoor installations


    Gallery of installations

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    Omega IPL 3Thumbnail for Omega IPL 3
    Omega curved

    Exterior curved staircase with an Omega wheelchair lift

    Omega IPL 4Thumbnail for Omega IPL 4
    Omega curved

    Wheelchair lift showing optional folding seat in a stairwell with curves

    Omega IPL 5Thumbnail for Omega IPL 5
    Omega curved

    The Omega wheelchair lift folded up to allow access to the stairs

    Omega IPL 6Thumbnail for Omega IPL 6
    Omega curved

    A wheelchair user using the Omega in a retail setting

    Omega IPL 7Thumbnail for Omega IPL 7
    Omega curved

    Wheelchair lift folded conveniently out of the way at the bottom of a staircase

    Omega IPL 8Thumbnail for Omega IPL 8
    Omega curved

    Outdoor staircase with a curved platform lift installation

    IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Savaria residential elevators