Warranty Registration

Most Savaria products are covered by a limited warranty of 36 months that covers the cost of replacement for defective parts. A Savaria warranty is administered by the original dealer who performed the product installation and therefore, any warranty claims must be made through that dealer. Please read your warranty policy carefully for full details.

IMPORTANT! To activate your warranty, please register your Savaria product below by completing and submitting this form. 

For van conversion warranty registration, please fill out this form.

Please provide a daytime phone number and an email. This contact information is helpful for us should we ever need to contact you regarding important information about your product. We strongly urge you to provide your email since it often provides the most reliable way to communicate with you about product updates or safety issues. We take privacy very seriously and do not sell or share your information with other parties.   

You will need the job number or serial number of your Savaria product. A serial number can be located on Savaria stairlifts. For other products, it is best to contact the dealer who installed your product and request the job number.

Locating the proper number

  • Savaria stairlifts: Serial number located on the bottom of the seat, a 12-digit number
  • Savaria vertical platform lifts: Job number located on the tower, a 6-digit number
  • Savaria elevators: Job number located on the pump unit, a 6-digit number