Savaria Through The Floor Lift

Through the Floor Lifts

If an accessibility lift is needed between 2 floors in a home, and there is not enough space to accommodate a traditional home elevator, a Savaria Telecab through-the-floor home lift could be a good choice.

The Telecab is an innovative mobility solution that simply “vanishes” through a floor cut-out, leaving more usable space.

A Savaria Telecab can be quick and easy to install since minimal construction is required and a hoistway does not need to be built. This type of lift has an enclosed drive tower that keeps mechanical components safe and out of sight; it serves 2 stops over a maximum travel distance of 23'.

Similar to other accessibility lifts, a Savaria Telecab is operated using constant pressure controls to move up and down. It also has safety features such as sensors to stop the unit if it meets an obstruction.

Telecab Home Lift

  • Capacity of 500 lb
  • Same-side or straight through entry/exit
  • 4 standard cab sizes; custom sizes available

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Telecab17 Home Lift

  • Capacity of 845 lb
  • Same-side entry/exit
  • Stylish modern cab; available in 2 standard sizes

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IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Savaria residential elevators