Savaria Products for Public Spaces

ES-125 in a library

If you are considering a product for use other than in a private home, consider a product from Savaria’s commercial product family. The requirements for products in public spaces can often be more comprehensive so it’s important to work with your local dealer to ensure that you are meeting all local, state/provincial and federal code requirements.  

Orion Elevator

The Orion model is a limited use/limited accessibility elevator (LU/LA).  It can travel up to 300” using a hydraulic drive system. Entry/exit doors can be configured in many different ways and there are a number of options for fire-rated finishes.  Popular for schools, churches, medical offices and other low rise retrofit elevator uses. Watch Orion elevator videos Savaria V-1504 video

Prolift Vertical Platform Lift  

This hydraulic driven lift features a durable design with a standard capacity of 750 lbs and optional 1000 lb rating. Often installed to provide wheelchair access in public buildings, the Prolift offers a range of options to suit the specific building requirements.  

Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

This lift features an extremely flexible base design that can be configured in many ways; servicing up to 23’*, enclosed to protect riders from the weather, and factory finished in a choice of color.  The V-1504 can be used for basic needs, yet finished to suit the most prestigious of public spaces including materials such as frameless, half-inch glass. Watch V-1504 vertical platform lift videos ​Savaria V-1504 video

*check with your local dealer about code compliance in your area


Approved for commercial projects in the United States, the Multilift is an indoor/outdoor lift capable of servicing up to 72” of travel with 2 stops. For commercial projects in Canada, please see the V-1504 vertical platform lift.

Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift can be used in the home or for commercial* applications to provide access over a single flight of straight stairs.

*check with your local dealer about code compliance in your area

Savaria Omega Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria Omega inclined platform lift handles inside and outside curved stairs, multiple levels and spiral stairs. Ideal for access over stairs in commercial* settings.

*check with your local dealer about code compliance in your area